All types of printed materials, Digital media services, embroidery, vinyl services,

Now offering local web hosting!

Professional, fun or informational, it doesn’t matter; let us create something that represents you. Did you know that most companies making websites, create the information in a proprietary system that only works on their platform. What does that mean? You can only utilize their servers, their service folks and their hosting. You do not have many choices when it comes to using someone else or trying to get it done yourself. We design sites that work anywhere. These sites are made to use on any hosting platform. The sites below are a few examples of what we design. It can be as intricate or simple as you want.

Each site utilizes security certificates to encrypt the connections with end users.

We love our Wyoming! We have designed stickers that represent our home, wildlife and our beliefs. More than that we have dozens of designs that represent faith, politics, wild game and our favorite, guns. You can also hop over to the store and check out the complete library of precut, ready to ship designs.

Print is alive and well! From signage to flyers, banners, ncr forms, cups, t-shirts, almost anything that can be printed. Whether you are printing for an event or need more supplies for your business we design and print for everyone. If you are looking for a custom logo, brochure, business cards or banners and really anything else that can be printed on, we can help you get it done.

At Transparent Media Productions, We utilize multiple embroidery machines to ensure we have the right equipment to accomplish your project.

- We have the ability to embroider:

- Hats of all sizes and shapes

- Jackets

- Sweaters

- Shirts

- Backpacks and other bags

- Aprons

- Scarves and other small items

We offer multiple services ensuring project is completed on time.

- We are local - We opperate out of Rawlins, Wyoming

- We offer same day service - for an expedite fee

- Our lead times are realistic enough to fit you project


Transparent Media Productions has been around for nearly a decade and spans over several states. Our  model of business and my personal beliefs is that folks should not be forced to pay extreme amounts of money to be able to reach their intended audience. We aim to provide quality service as well as an outstanding product at a price that is affordable and allows you to grow your dream.


I assist with acquiring the right material for the right projects. The materials you use for the type of project you are trying to complete  can make the difference between, “OK” and awesome. Let us help you finish your project and give you something awesome.


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